About Eurocontrol Karlsruhe.

Eurocontrol (the European organisation for the safety of air navigation) was founded in 1960 with the objective to create a common European ATC (Air Traffic Contol) environment, and has its head quarter in Brussels.
Eurocontrol is present in Karlsruhe since 1974 to implement an ATC Centre in Karlsruhe, in the south west of Germany. The centre was nationalised in 1983, but some Eurocontrol staff remained (mainly for software maintenance), and the ESTK (Eurocontrol Software Team Karlsruhe) is still active in Karlsruhe.
Eurocontrol Karlsruhe has its own web site, but this is not updated regularly.

about this site

This website has been set up for all staff that once worked in Karlsruhe for the realisation, administration and maintenance of this centre, to allow ancient colleagues to stay in contact, via adress lists, photo albums etc.

For previous Eurocontrol staff in retirement it is also the intention to offer some service, such as access to forms required for the communication with the Eurocontrol Headquarters (such as claim forms for the sickness insurance...) etc.
Another service that will be offered is an email forwarding facility. For old staff interested an email adress of type xxx@euro-ka.de can be set up. This will facilitate the communication between old colleagues. Emails to these addresses will be forwarded to the address where the staff now can be reached, i.e. even if your normal email changes old colleagues can still use the same address - if you only keep the postmaster@euro-ka.de informed!

Note that this page has been set up on a private initiative, and that information in this page is not necessarily reflecting the official views of the Eurocontrol Headquarters in Brussels. If you need official information on the work of Eurocontrol you have better chances at www.eurocontrol.int!


This site has just been set up as a trial, and most of the present work has been to set up a frame work. The intended contents will be added as time allows, and following the interest you (old colleagues) show in a page like this. If you  have the possbility to help (with ideas, photos, articles or whatever can be of interest), I would be happy to hear from you!

still got questions?

if you have questions, or if you have comments and/or ideas for information you would like to find on this page, just drop me (Sven) an email. Thanks for taking a look, I hope you will enjoy this site.